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Marc Hudson – Fine Clay Art and Design

Fascination with clay stretches back in time more than 20,000 years to early man’s exploration of his environment (Xianrendong Cave, Jiangxi Province, China).  Clay from a riverbank could be kneaded into a handful of plastic material, which can take on just about any shape imagination can conceive, perhaps the lining of a bird’s nest.  And when fire is added to the mix, near rock hardness and durability is imparted.

Clay vessels became a way of carrying or offering or trading foods, ideas, and artistry across cultures and time.

My own fascination with clay began as a child in the family garden and then in the museums of the American South West displaying Ancient Pueboan artifacts and chards. Here was a vessel someone, hundreds or thousands of years ago, had fashioned into a vessel from wet paste clay, delving into her imagination for ideas and feelings and finally consigned it to fire, and transformed it, through local metamorphism into a durable pot.

I, too, use clay to represent my interpretations of imagery, ideas and feelings, be it vessel, sculptural, or amorphous in nature. The malleable clay, the changing shape, the glaze materials, and high heat all conspire with imagination to express a snapshot into my creative process.

“I hope my creations stir you enough that you will want to look at them often and contemplate their shapes, textures, and colors. Perhaps you will connect a memory with them, offer them as gifts or keep them for yourself, but think of them as a cornerstone for a feeling, a recollection or an event and let them move you!”

Marc Hudson, Ceramist



Associated Exhibitions

Marc Hudson Solo Exhibition
April 25 - May 23, 2019
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