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Welcome to The Karen Wray Gallery in Los Alamos, New Mexico!

Registration has begun for our painting classes:  Painting for the Absolute Beginner and the Not-So-Beginner Painting Class! Both classes use oil paints and run for eight weeks at $215/student, plus supplies. Session I:  Painting for the Absolute Beginner meets Wednesdays from 9:30-12:30 starting Jan. 22, 2020; The Not-so-Beginner Class meets Thursdays from 9:30-12:30 starting Jan. 23.

Session II begins March 25 (Painting for the Absolute Beginner) and March 26 (Not-So-Beginner Painting Class).

Sign up today to reserve your spot!

During our Winter Exhibition we are featuring a special folio of images by TK Thompson of the Sacred Datura (jimson weed) plant. 

The Sacred Datura Folio consists of 12 prints of the best images from Thompson’s many years of photographing the Datura blooms in New Mexico.  Each print was printed by the artist himself using archival materials and ink and includes a brief narrative of the photographer’s thoughts at the time of exposure.  An essay describing the Sacred Datura’s attributes is also included. The prints are interleaved with an acid free paper and contained in a heavy weight folded paper cover.  The completed folio is contained in a protective clear plastic bag. 

The Sacred Datura Folio measures 8 ½”by 11 inches in size and will be a limited edition of 100 copies.  The first 10 copies are priced at $180 and are now available at The Karen Wray Gallery in Los Alamos.


The Karen Wray Gallery in historic Los Alamos, New Mexico is an independent, local art gallery, just half a block from the Bradbury Science Museum, and we represent over 35 professional and emerging artists of Los Alamos and our close neighbors

Nestled on the Pajarito Plateau, at the foot of the Jemez Mountains in Northern New Mexico lies the once secret city of Los Alamos. Now known worldwide as the top-secret scientific base of the Manhattan Project during WWII, it is home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the city of Los Alamos. Creativity extends beyond this community’s scientific background into the arts, dance, and music. We invite you to experience the culturally-creative side of our unique community.

Stop by and visit us! We are located at 1247 Central Avenue, Suite D-2; an easy walk from the Bradbury Science Museum. 

We are open Monday-Friday 11am-4pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. Taking a Sunday tour of Los Alamos? Just call 505-660-6382 to schedule a visit.

Open Studio:  Join us Fridays from 9:30am-1pm for Open Studio! Bring your art supplies and paint alongside fellow artists. Please only bring odorless solvents for oils. We supply the easels, tables, chairs, coffee and snacks for $5.





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