Karen E Wray

Karen E Wray



  We first experience an incredible view or gorgeous flower the way a child would, with awe and excitement, burning that scene and the feelings it evoked into our memory.  After time passes, our memory fondly recalls the scene with more depth, ambiance, more romance, the colors more richly hued than is noticeably absent in your photos.  Capturing this very first memorable impression is my goal as an artist, to recreate the emotional response for my viewers.


  The dramatic effects of light and shadow on simple subjects, such as adobe buildings, deck railings, potted plants, and individual flowers fascinate me.  I strive to capture the intensity of New Mexico’s sunshine as it strikes objects, creating incredible shadow patterns that are rarely seen in other parts of this country, and to invite the 

viewer into the painting, to feel the hot sun, the fresh sage-scented air, to touch and smell the wildflowers, and share the experience that inspired me.

  New Mexico, especially Northern New Mexico, has an extraordinary landscape with gorgeous vistas, high deserts and mountains, with stunning views and intriguing rock formations, that provide an endless supply of subject matter to paint.  It reminds me of how fortunate I am to live in a place where the scenic beauty rivals that of tourist destinations around the world.  


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