Sheridan Brown

Sheridan  Brown

About the Artist:

I paint large and I paint small. I paint representationally and abstractly, and my paintings range in size from 3.5 feet to 1.5 inches.

I have a passion for beautiful paper and vintage items and with these I create my one of a kind “Art Cards” and framed collages.

Color, pattern, detail and embellishment are important aspects I strive for in my work. I enjoy painting but if didn’t paint I’d want to be a glass blower!


I received a degree in Fine Arts from UNM a long time ago. I studied intaglio (etching) and haven’t done any work in that field since then. Life.

I have worked ‘‘on the boards’’ for technical companies creating technical drawings, before computers were used.

I left the graphics industry to start my own business producing and selling Christmas tree ornaments that I called “Tree Spirits”.

After 15 years of producing and marketing these ornaments I went back to painting.

I have studied with several well-known artists, Steven Quiller and Kim English to name a couple.

I have been seriously showing for 10 years now in several galleries. My work can be seen in Wilde/Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona, The Range Café in Bernalillo N.M., Patrician Designs in Albuquerque N.M., and now happy to say, in the Karen Wray Gallery in Los Alamos, N.M.


Art is necessary for humans. It is one of our most basic forms of communication and expression. Most images are cross cultural and some are easily understood even if verbal sounds aren’t.

It is my hope that when I create a work that it resonates with some viewers on a common ground. I’ve spent decades painting, studying, and creating so that I may share my art with others and open a dialog, emotionally or verbally.