Kate O'Donnell



            The wonderful thing about being an artist is that it is all about awareness and appreciation for beauty in the environment. I have been an artist all my life, but it has taken a lifetime for my art to evolve into oil painting. I have always surrounded myself with beautiful and inspiring landscapes, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, clothing, and design. For me, art is a form of meditation as well as a way to express my gratitude.  I was not aware that I could create beauty myself through the medium of oil paint until about 10 years ago. My first real exposure to oil painting happened serendipitously. I was sitting in a parking lot in Santa Fe with a dear friend. She started showing me photographs of oil paintings and proceeded to tell me that she was going to a workshop in Taos.  I asked if I could go too – as a fun way to spend some time together. During that workshop, my love for painting was ignited and I have never looked back. Today, I love everything about painting – the way that you can immerse yourself into it, the smell, the tools, playing with the textures, and most of all the color. I paint because I thoroughly enjoy the process.