Deidre Plumlee



Deidre´ A. Plumlee<BR>


Although I am a baby boomer and I was born in the southeastern area of New Mexico. I have lived in several other cities inside this state. I have lived in (or near) Los Alamos for about the last 55 years. I have always considered it a privilege to live and work here. <BR>


I have had the good fortune to know many successful and talented artists and writers—and I listened to them closely. I have self-taught myself many skills when I could find no teachers or books on certain projects. In the 1970’s I sold small sculptures in the Edda Lynn Allen Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. These were small figures of comical witches, gnomes, trolls, wizards, etc.—but no rooms. Now I like to do miniature rooms without creatures.<BR>


I am a bit sensitive to my surroundings and have lived a life full of unusual experiences, odd coincidences, and very interesting people. Because of this, I can sometimes recognize a benevolent spiritual slant to the world, therefore I try to inject the same healing and  benign feeling into my artwork. The miniature scenes are called Fairy Haunts. They can be placed anywhere inside your home or hung on the walls. These small abodes can be reserved for the delicate and unseen creatures in your house. You know—the little jokesters who hide our glasses, our keys and important papers or put them in weird places. Giving fairies a nice place to inhabit can make them a little tamer and less troublesome. It’s the thought that counts.<BR>


Quite often people just like to look inside the little haunts and forget about all their problems. Something like a relaxing trance—like a mantra chant—just to escape for a moment or two. The Fairy Haunts are delicate indoor artwork. They are not toys but please allow children to look as much as they desire. With a bit of wisdom, these small diversions might bring more peace, humor and happiness into your home.<BR>