Artist Submissions

Interested in exhibiting your artwork in the Karen Wray Gallery? Prior to submission, please review the artwork on this website or visit the gallery in person to ascertain if your work would be a good fit in our gallery.

In order to facilitate the submission process for the Karen Wray Gallery, we ask that the following guidelines be met:

  1. Resume - This should include your education, training, exhibition history, commission history, art competitions, awards, and a bibliography of publications (press releases) in which your work or reviews of your work have appeared.

  2. Artist Statement - Please describe your work for us. This statement needs to be a concise description of the art that you make and why you make it. It should be clear enough so that anyone reading it can get a clear idea of your work.

  3. Visuals - The most important component will be representations of your work. Please DO NOT send actual work of any kind, as we cannot be responsible for the condition of unsolicited materials. Please submit work in CD-ROM format that can be opened on a Mac, email images and materials to The Karen Wray Gallery (, or direct us to your website address. Please provide a current price list (please indicate Cost or Retail Price) sizes, and medium.

  4. Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope - For any submissions of CDs, photos, and paper documentation, please provide a STAMPED, self-addressed envelope if you want your materials returned. We are unable to pay for return shipments of unsolicited portfolios, therefore, all submissions without a self-addressed stamped envelope WILL NOT be returned.

Thank you!